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Fixing Greece: why not treat it like a troubled subsidiary

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09 Lug
Foto del profilo di Markus Venzin

by Markus Venzin

SDA Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

What are the next steps now after the strong “ókhi” (no) vote of the Greek population against the last bail out offer from the creditors? The EU can’t let Greece fall by the wayside. There is so much more at stake than the cost of a bailout: Patients struggle without medicines and elderly citizens cry in front of closed banks because they can no longer access their pensions. Children are hit hard as services dry up. The EU cannot say "this is not our problem anymore."

To find a solution, let's take for a moment a management perspective, with Greece being a subsidiary, and the EU its parent company. How would the top management team of this multinational company handle the issue?

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