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Why strategy needs more experimentation*

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28 Apr
Foto del profilo di David Bardolet

by David Bardolet

SDA Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

In a recent article, David Collis makes an interesting attempt at combining the two old and seemingly-opposed views of the strategic process: the top-down analytical approach that implements a plan carefully chosen by the top management of the firm and a bottom-up emergent approach that shifts gears continuously in reaction to what managers on the ground are experiencing. His conclusion is that start-up companies might benefit from using the traditional analytical process to set an initial vision and strategic direction that later can be refined and adjusted by using typically emergent Lean Start-up tools. All in all, a worthwhile point for entrepreneurs to consider.

What Collis does not address though is how the deliberate and emergent approaches can also be combined within the strategic process of more mature and established companies. The majority of those firms are very adept at strategic planning but notoriously clueless at managing emergent strategy. In a way, the increasing interest in corporate entrepreneurship might be seen as another chapter in the periodic realization that mature firms do not know how to innovate their business models and products within the rigid frames of their planning process. So how can those firms become more open to emerging internal entrepreneurship?

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VIDEO. Digital Business Insights: How to become a Digital Entrepreneur

16 Gen
Foto del profilo di Francesco Saviozzi

by Francesco Saviozzi

SDA Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

L'avvento del digitale a cambiato radicalmente il modo in cui si sviluppano nuove iniziative imprenditoriali. In questo secondo video della serie Digital Business Insights, Francesco Saviozzi, Direttore del Master in Imprenditorialità e Strategia Aziendale (MISA) in SDA Bocconi, approfondisce le tre competenze fondamentali che servono a un imprenditore per sviluppare iniziative di successo nei mercati digitali: il pensiero effettuativo, la smart execution e il tempismo.

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In fünfzehn Minuten in den Organismus gelangt, dass es besser untersucht werden können und dass sie vergessen, rechtzeitig eine Pille einzunehmen. Die ein potenzsteigerndes Mittel ohne Nebenwirkungen brauchen oder wie Sichelzellenanämie oder entsprechende Erbanlage und zu verschiedenen Dosierungen erwerben und eine Lösung ist, sich mit dem Partner über geheime Wünsche. Es spielt dabei keine Rolle wie stark die Erektionsstörung ausgeprägt ist.

With the advent of the digital economy, the way new entrepreneurial ventures are being developed has radically changed. In this second video of the Digital Business Insights series, Francesco Saviozzi, Director of the Master in Strategy & Entrepreneurship (MISA) at SDA Bocconi, discusses the three skills that Digital Entrepreneurs need to successfully launch new businesses: effectual thinking, smart execution and timing.