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This is not a Fairy Fair. The fashion fair’s changing trends*

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21 Ott
Foto del profilo di Paola Varacca Capello

by Paola Varacca Capello

SDA Affiliate Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

Fashion fairs are always hot. Not just because inside, under those spotlights, the temperature goes up. Most of the folks participating in these fancy events are inside-business operators, going there basically just for “real work”, like many celebrities. But there is still an interesting percentage of people who participate in these events because it is appealing to be photographed at the entrance of these events to end up in some kind of street fashion blog.

These fairs, that you might not have ever heard about, especially if you have no clues about what “cerulean” is, are crucial moments to spread new trends and progresses into the fashion world. Nonetheless, the industry is experimenting a progressive centralization of brand image as a space to communicate its marketing message, above of what is inside that space: clothes. A brand is not just a pair of shoes but it is the whole experience that comes with the presentation of these shoes. And fashion fairs are changing along with this pivotal shift.

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