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The quest for responsible innovation. An interview with Marco Lucietti

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17 Feb
Foto del profilo di Francesca Romana Rinaldi

by Francesca Romana Rinaldi

SDA Assistant Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

Marco LuciettiMany firms in a wide variety of industries are nowadays willing to find the right Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in order to get the benefits of a multi-stakeholder approach, such as having greater capacity to attract human capital, improving the business climate and thus employee performance, reinforcing the brand value. But for the business community the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” is considered quite outdated and managers often prefer talking about “Responsible Innovation” since the latter clearly refers to a 360° approach based on social, environmental, ethical responsibility and innovation.
Can Responsible Innovation be an important driver for the firms’ success and internationalization? For a firm growing at global level, what is the updated role and which are the required skills for a good manager?

These questions are definitely hot in fashion, one of the key sectors for the Italian economy. Several textile & clothing companies are currently in the process of updating their business models, leveraging on responsibility and technological innovation, willing to build renewed and solid sources for a sustainable competitive advantage.
In this article I would like to share an interesting talk I recently had with a manager that spent most of his time on the development of a strategy based on Responsible Innovation: Marco Lucietti, 44 years old, Global Marketing Director of the Turkish company Sanko Holding/ISKO™ Division*.

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