VIDEO: Rebuilding clients. How to redefine your Strategy

09 Dic
Foto del profilo di Antonello Garzoni

by Antonello Garzoni

SDA Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

In 2010, Pilosio, an Italian SME specialized in the production of formwork and scaffolds, had to cope with a major crisis in the local construction market.

The company redefined its Strategy by moving to more attractive international markets and transforming the business model from a product-oriented dealer company to a total solution-oriented engineering company. Since 2011 the company has grown at a 30% CAGR and has now become a global company, with over 90% of its turnover generated abroad.

In this interview, Dario Roustayan, CEO of Pilosio, and Antonello Garzoni, SDA Professor of Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management, address the most important decisions made in order to obtain these results, focusing on how to build a customer-centric organization and on how to re-position a company at a global level.

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